The Stanislawski Group

Assisting geriatrics professionals, patients and families

The Stanislawski Group was formed in 2009 to provide advice and assistance to geriatrics professionals as well as individuals and families.  After working in the geriatrics and eldercare field in the metropolitan DC area for 20 years, we have an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing both groups of people.

The issues involved in the aging process are, to say the least, overwhelming.  This is true for both the people needing advice and assistance for themselves or a loved one. . . . and for the service providers who need to get their message understood by the people needing their services.

For Professionals: Expertise enabling you to serve more people

How your messaging and brand is conveyed to potential clients, patients, etc. is a vital component of your business development efforts.  Knowing the customer, what they need and how to best reach them is what we do.  We have counseled thousands of individuals and families looking for elder services and have gained significant insight to understand their challenges and how to meet their needs.

For Individuals and Families: Eldercare consulting with understanding

Since 2013 I have been caring for both of my parents who have dementia. As an only-child, this is a huge responsibility and I am no longer accepting clients for Eldercare Consulting Services. However, I am always delighted to talk with you to determine your situation and needs and then recommend professionals with sterling reputations, who I know personally and have worked with over the years.

Our work in the elder services field over the past 20 years provides us with insight and knowledge of most senior service providers in the area, exactly what type of services they provide, and their reputations.   This information is invaluable to help you make the right choices.